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Friday, April 15, 2011

Azanus the genus

Sometimes referred to as th Babul Blues, I have grouped them in the last five posts.
Frederic Moore established the genus Azanus in 1881 with the revision of the type species Ubaldus. There are 11 species worldwide. Of the five from the Southern African region all can be found in the Pietermaritzburg area. These are:
    A ubaldus (Stoll 1782) as Papilio
    A natalensis (Trimen and Bowker 1887)
    A jesous (Guerin-Meneville 1849) as Polyommatus.
    A mirza (Plotz 1880) as Lycaena.
    A moriqua (Wallengren 1857) as Lycaena.
Hope I am taxonomically correct. (Does Trimen and Bowker need brackets?)

All these species have Acacia species as their food plant. Above a view of  Acacia savanna at Cumberland, a typical Azanus biome.

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