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Friday, July 22, 2011

Belenois gidica

The African Veined White
The top two pictures are of the same WSF male (with a clip out of fore wing apex.) He was found warming up in the company of a summer migration of Whites that had rested for the night in the KZN-NBG. I always recognise the male of this sp. by the silvery scaling in the white patches of the fore-wing apex.
Next a picture of the male DSF in the middle of winter, mud puddling in the garden. Here the underside markings are a light brown instead of black.
At the bottom a female from Cumberland in all the glory of her extreme WSF. Compare her round bottom with the male's claspers.
The hind wing under side of both sexes is characteristic of the sp.: there is an extra row of dark markings proximal to border markings that, together with the veins, take the form of tridents.
(See also Belenois the genus.)

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