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Monday, February 13, 2012

Cacyreus marshalli

The Geranium Bronze. As compared with our previous home where this butterfly was a rarity, in Golden Pond it is common: cultivated Pelargoniums are frequent in gardens here.
The top two photographs are of the same female ovipositing on one of my Perargoniums. The egg was too small to photograph, My plants are devastated and I have stopped growing the plant! Steve Woodhall remarks that this butterfly probably originated in the SW of the RSA, but has spread as far as Europe and even the UK due to the cultivation of Pelargoniums.
Despite what is written, it would appear that this butterfly is allowed a minimal amount of basal blue sheen (cf C. tespis which is now C. fractus.)
[On my todo: C. lingeus and C. virilis.]

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