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Friday, June 10, 2011

Zizula hylax

The Tiny (or Gaika) Grass Blue. Zizula: another genus established by Chapman 1910, and the species originally Papilio hylax Fabricius 1775. It is widespread throughout Africa, across Southern Asia and into Australia. Here I have found it fairly frequently at the margin of the wooded areas in Bisley NR, and also have a single record from Cumberland.
In comparison with the previous two butterflies, the wings are more slender, and the (sub)marginal markings more linear. Also, at least here, the forewing underside discal spot closest to the apex is kidney-shaped.
Food plants are mainly from the Acanthus family: Ruellia, Chaetacanthus, Phaulopsis, Justica; and our infamous Oxalis corniculata. In the next post I have put in a butterfly on a Ruellia flower (I think.)

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