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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Eurema desjardinsii


The Angled Grass Yellow, certainly the most common of the Eurema in our garden as it is more at home in a wooded area. As its common name would suggest, it is recognised by the sharply angled hind wing.
The apical patch on the underside fore wing would appear to be variable, from bold to non- existent, when the markings are similar to E. brigitta. I don't know if this is seasonal.
The pink flowers are Hypoestes aristata (the Ribbon Bush) which was self sown and flourished in our garden. It always provided an attraction for butterflies. The daisy is an Ostespermum.
See also E. hecabe and E. brigitta.
I have moved the one that I had named incorrectly: actually E. hecabe.

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