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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Eurema brigitta

The Broad-bordered Grass Yellow; it has a wide distribution, from central and southern Africa stretching across the Sub-continent to Australia.
The Virtual Museum puts this as the most recorded of the Erema, but here it comes a poor second to our E. desjardinsii. The underside markings, in comparison with E. hecabe and E. desjardinsii the similar bolder markings are drawn here with a silvery grey irroration.
At the top an older specimen from Cumberland in the middle of summer, the pale yellow suggests this is a female. It is perched on an (invasive) Lantana.
Next is from Bisley, perched on an Acacia.
Below, a few Eurema were mud-puddling at Bisley. It is interesting to compare the E. Desjardinsii (at the back,) with its bolder markings and angled hind wing with the E. Brigitta in front.

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