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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Danaus chrysippus

I found a rather elderly African Monarch ovipositing on my Stapelia collection (at top S. hirsuta.) Unfortunately the ovum got short shrift before being photographed.
Next are two pictures of Asclepius fruticosa (now Gomphocarpus fruticosa), one of its many food plants of the stapelia family. In the third picture, has the ant on the left got itself caught in the aperture between the guide rails of the staminal column?
Next a larva of on this food plant at Bisley.
We had a self-seeded plant of A. fruticosa in our garden, so next are the pupa, the two pictures of the unhatched and the empty shell were taken two months apart.
Below a fresh individual from Bisley.
See also earlier post on this butterfly.

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