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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Precis octavia

The Gaudy Commodore, living up to its common name, one of our brightly coloured butterflies. The seasonal dimorphism is extreme, and one could be forgiven for questioning whether these are the same species. The behaviour is is also different for the two form.
The DSF is common here. One would often settle outside our house for the night, and sometimes indoors, almost a household pet, like P. archesia. They were always confiding, not minding being approached and photographed.
The WSF is uncommon here, and elusive, being quite shy. I have only two records. One is from our garden (the the third an fourth pictures.) Here she is ovipositing on Plectranthus spp.
The other record is from the Kamburg (second picture, in the path, basking in the sun.)

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