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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Precis tugela

The Dry-leaf Commodore was quite common in our garden, probably attracted by the abundant Plectranthus which seeded itself. Above is one nectaring on a Euriops pectinatus.

At times shy, but at evening quite confiding when settling for the night; then it is probably confident in its mimicking its name sake, a dried leaf. Even with its white front it still blends in to complete the deception. Right with head up, below with head down. 
(Click on images to to see detail.)

Below is another old and battle-scarred warrior I found at Worlds View. I have always had a soft spot for these survivors.

The next two were from our garden. The tips at the apex of the fore-wing and tails can vary in size, as can the degree of dark brown ground colour (both sexual and seasonal dimorphism.)
The last shows the wing twitch in response to the pre-flash. This is also seen to a less extent in the dry leaf above on the right.
The species has been re-assigned from the Junonia to the Precis. It does have similar markings to P. archesia WSFa close relative. It is however also somewhat similar to Junonia terea, a more distant relative.

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